Friction Pair Concept - Railway Wheels & Brake Discs

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Friction Pair Concept - Railway Wheels & Brake Discs

Friction pair concept is the most effective approach in achieving technical as well as operational requirements of braking systems.

A disc brake pad designed for axle mounted discs may not necessarily function as effectively in conjunction with wheel mounted discs with holes on the friction surface.

It is therefore very important that brake pad selection process for a given train type, takes into consideration the friction pair concept with regard to:

  • Brake disc material and design
  • Maximum operational speed
  • Braking parameters and requirements
  • Cost effective operation

The same applies to wheel / brake block interaction where the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Wheel type & grade
  • Maximum operational speed
  • Uniform heat distribution during braking
  • Wheel / rail adhesion
  • Effect on signalling system
Friction Pair Concept - Railway Wheels & Brake Discs

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