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MLP Route 555

MLP "Route 555"

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Business Development & Planning

Based on its deep knowledge of railway friction products, their manufacturing methods and their operational capabilities as well as its knowledge of market needs and requirements as well as future direction, MLP Friction Braking Limited is in a position to offer its business development assistance to the producers of railway disc brake pads and brake blocks.

This business development assistance is conducted in a structured manner and according to the company’s “MLP Route 555” method which includes:

MLP Route 555

The “MLP Route 555” method offers a company-wide approach to business growth and brings the day to day activities of all its departments in line with its business plans through a clear and focused path.

The “MLP Route 555” method is designed to establish effective communication throughout the company as well as direct involvement of all employees in the implementation of the business plan and their contributions for a sustainable growth.

MLP Route 555 Method

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