Composite Disc Brake Pad - Life Cycle Cost

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Composite Disc Brake Pad - Life Cycle Cost

Composite disc brake pads are extensively used in the rail passenger market covering all operational duties up to a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

They are fitted to intercity coaches, suburban trains, locomotives and metro trains; in conjunction with axle mounted discs as well as wheel mounted discs.

It is therefore very important that product design and development activities, not only are market oriented, to comply with national standards and operational requirements, but also they are application specific in order to offer the most cost effective performance package.

Disc brake pads designed for metro applications fulfil different performance requirements to the ones developed for high speed duties.

In high speed applications for example, a brake pad should be able to evenly dissipate the heat generated during such braking, to avoid any hot spots which could lead to disc cracking.

In addition, one should also consider the following design parameters as part of the product development activities:

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