UIC Brake Blocks - Freight Wagons

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UIC Brake Blocks - Freight Wagons

UIC stands for International Union of Railways; a standard setting organisation for the railway industry worldwide to promote interoperability.

In the case of friction braking, the organisation has issued a number of standards such as:

  • UIC 541-3 for disc brake pads
  • UIC 541-4 for brake blocks
  • UIC 544-1 for brake performance evaluation
UIC Brake Blocks - Freight Wagons

Railway freight wagons are mainly fitted with brake blocks which act on the wheel tread to reduce speed or to bring the wagon to a complete stop.

For such duties, there are two types of composite brake blocks which are classified according to their frictional characteristics:

  • UIC K Type Brake Blocks
  • UIC LL Brake Blocks

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